How To Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu

We show you how to download, install and use TeamViewer in Ubuntu.

TeamViewer is a cross-platform software available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android, and also has a web browser.

Although TeamViewer is proprietary software, it is available for free for non-commercial use and offers almost everything that the paid version has to offer regarding connectivity and management.

Download & Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu

TeamViewer provides .deb binaries for Linux distributions based on Debian and Ubuntu. It also has .rpm packages for Fedora and SUSE. There is also a tarball for other Linux distributions.

We can download, in this case the .deb file for Ubuntu, from TeamViewer.

It is possible to use the graphic installer by double clicking on the downloaded package and following the instructions below. If we find dependency problems, a practical method is to try to install it with the installer of the GDebi package.

Now, we are going to install TeamViewer from the terminal, for that, once we have downloaded the .deb file, we open the terminal and go to the Downloads folder where the file was downloaded:

cd Downloads

Once there we can execute the ls parameter to verify that the file exists:

Once we access the folder we will run the following command:

sudo dpkg -i teamviewer*

Note: In case of any type of error by the dependencies, we can execute the following command:
sudo apt-get install -f

This command will correct the damaged dependencies and again we will be able to execute the installation command of TeamViewer for its correct process.

Once installed, we can open TeamViewer from the menu of the application or run it from the console with the command:


Thus we have seen how TeamViewer is a practical and complete utility for the management of remote equipment offering us multiple advanced control and management features.

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