5 Advantages of Linux Over Windows

Windows or Linux? This is an eternal question difficult to answer since it depends on the needs of that person.

Linux is capable of practically any function of the most demands of a computer, surfing the Internet, writing documents, working with spreadsheets, watching videos, listening to music, retouching a photograph, etc., etc.

Of course, Windows has a greater diversity of applications and has the advantage that the support in video games is much more extensive and possibly that tilt the balance to Windows if you are playing games regularly.

Anyway, Linux has some advantages over Windows that are worth mentioning in this article and that are important.

Main Advantages of Linux Over Windows


Since the beginning of time that Linux was created for the use of free software, so we will not have to pay any license as in Windows, which in itself are a bit expensive in the case of Microsoft and can only use one license for a computer.

In the case of Linux, we must clarify that most distros are free to use and only some are paid, as in the case of Red Hat.


If there is something that Linux has always highlighted, it is security.

It is no coincidence that 99% of Internet servers use a Linux operating system.

Although no operating system is exempt from any vulnerability, Linux always has very effective and fast support patching any vulnerabilities that come out every day.


Linux in all its flavors always allows excellent personalization and liberty.

For those more experienced users, they are allowed to configure the Linux Kernel completely.

If they want to change some parameters, such as setting the different services and utilities that are loaded at the beginning of the system; not to mention the configurations of desks, windows, etc.

It is even possible to change the entire desktop environment for another that seems better, changing entirely the way the system behaves.

With Windows, this could not happen and is limited to the configuration options imposed by Microsoft.


Windows has at its disposal an extensive collection of apps available but Linux does not come lame regarding options, for example, only in text editors we can choose from more than 100 different, with different functions and appearance that fit your taste.

Also, everything is free software and therefore free.

The advantage of free software is that any user with knowledge can contribute to improving Linux applications, although free software can also exist in other operating systems and is not exclusive to the ‘penguin,' but is more widespread here.

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Another of the universal truths that exist around Linux is that, in general, it is a system that takes better advantage of hardware resources.

This results in higher system performance with the same computer configuration as Windows.

It is also possible to use one or another distro or desktop environment depending on the power that our computer has; scalability is one of the strengths of this system.

This article is not about checking which operating system is better or worse, as we discussed in the first paragraphs, the best operating system is the one that fits the needs of each person.

Linux has its advantages over Windows and vice versa.

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