How To Add Weather Information in Ubuntu 16.04

This tutorial today will explain how to install and configure the My Weather application to gain access to this valuable information on Ubuntu 16.04.

Step 1: Install My Weather

For the installation process of My Weather in Ubuntu, first of all, it will be necessary to install an official repository so that the installation of the application works in an ideal way.

For this we execute the following line from the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao

Once the repository is installed, we proceed to update the respective packages by performing the following command:

sudo apt update

Finally, we will install the application using the next line:

sudo apt install my-weather-indicator

Step 2: Run My Weather

Once the download and installation have been complete we go to the Dash, or search on the computer, and enter the word weather and there we choose the respective application:

At the moment of its execution, we can see that our location is automatically detected and a message with information like:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind, etc.

In the upper part we can see the current temperature and if we click on this button, all the My Weather options will be displayed.

Alternative: Simply Weather

If for some reason the previous application you do not like, we can make use of another simple application that will allow us to visualize the current temperature and offers fewer options for displaying details.

For its installation first we add the repository by executing the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kasra-mp/ubuntu-indicator-weather

Then we update the packages:

sudo apt update

We proceed with the respective installation of the application in Ubuntu by running the following:

sudo apt install indicator-weather

This application shows basic weather information, and in Preference, we can define the automatic location or manually enter the location coordinates.

In the same way, we can set the way in which the temperature data will be presented:

Using these options, we will have the possibility to access practical applications to check the current and future climate in Ubuntu 16.04.

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