How To Change Default Apps in Ubuntu

We explain step by step how to change the applications that are opened by default in Ubuntu easily.

When we work with operating systems such as Ubuntu, we often install different applications in order to have alternatives for executing those files.

The problem that many users find when using Ubuntu is that not always the application they install becomes the default for opening their files.

This is why we will analyze how we can establish a specific application by default in Ubuntu 16.04.

Set Default App with Ubuntu System Configuration

The first option we will analyze will be using the system configuration and for this, we have two access options:

  • Clicking on the icon located in the sidebar
  • From the option Search in the computer enter the word system and there select the appropriate option

In the next window we go to the section Details/Default applications and on the right side, it is enough to display the different options to select the application we want to be predefined:

Set Default App using Ubuntu Context Menu

This step is simple and consists of right-clicking on the element to open and in the list displayed select Properties:

Now, in the new window we go to the Open with tab and there we will select the appropriate program. Once selected, we can click on the Set as default button so that this is the default application.

So simple we can define with what application we will open a file in Ubuntu 16.04

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