Commands To Search & Download Torrent in Terminal

We show you the commands that you should use to know how to search and download Torrent from the Linux terminal with Torrench

Torrench is a command line client with which it will be possible to search and download torrents from different locations that have been designed to host millions of these files.

Some of these sites are

  • Linuxtracker
  • DistroWach
  • The Pirate Bay
  • KickassTorrents
  • SkyTorrents

We can find this utility for Linux, MacOS or Windows operating systems.

Today we will see how to install it and use it in Ubuntu 17.10.

Step 1: Install Torrench in Linux

To install Torrench in Ubuntu, we will execute the following line:

sudo pip3 install --upgrade torrench
Note: If you don't have python 3 or python-pip, install these using this command
sudo apt install python3 python3-pip

Step 2: Configure Torrench

For the utility to download the torrents files, it will be necessary to add a file in the path


For this, we will go to the following link and download the configuration file:

Edit the config.ini in the last line and change enable = 0, to enable = 1

Then we will execute the following line:

cp -v ~/Downloads/config.ini $HOME/.config/torrench

In case this route is not defined, we can create it using the following line:

mkdir $HOME/.config/torrench/

Now update torrench with:

torrench -U

Step 3: How To Use Torrench

As we mentioned earlier, this application allows us to search in various hosting sites of torrents files; these are some of them:


To search there, we can run the following line, in this case looking for Debian:

torrench debian

Choose the index to download, your choice automatically open the defined Torrent client:

Step 4: Other Search Options

Thepiratebay (TPB)

-t, --thepiratebay

KickassTorrent (KAT)

-k, --kasastorrent


-s, --skytorrents


-x, - x1337


-r, --rarbg


-n, --nyaa


-l, --limetorrents


-i, --idope

-b, --xbit

LibGen (Ebooks)

-g, --libgen

Now its so simple download torrents thanks to this utility.

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