How To Easily Change System Settings with Ubunsys

We explain how to make changes to your Ubuntu using Ubunsys step by step

When working with Ubuntu operating systems, we must always look for the best tools that allow us to carry out a reliable and precise administration on the components that are involved with the purpose of having safe and dependable systems.

What is Ubunsys?

Ubunsys is an application that has been developed taking ubuntu packages and ubuntu Scripts through which we can make changes in the operating system configuration such as:

  • Updates
  • Arrangements
  • General operating system settings

Install Ubunsys in Ubuntu 16.04

To install this application, we have two options:

  • Make the download through a .deb file at the following link
  • Install PPA repositories executing the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adgellida/ubunsys
sudo apt-get update

Finally, install Ubunsys by executing the following:

sudo apt-get install ubunsys

Run Ubunsys

To run Ubunsys in Ubuntu 16.04, just enter the ubunsys command in the terminal and it will automatically start the process of configuring the tool.

Ubunsys is a simple tool but it offers us practical tasks on Ubuntu systems to do them without effort but always being responsible for them.

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