How To Easily Update Linux Kernel in Ubuntu & Linux Mint

Tutorial with the steps to be able to update the kernel to the latest version of Ubuntu and Linux Mint easily.

The fundamental component of any Linux distro is, without a doubt, its kernel.

Thanks to the kernel, the system boots, and this allow both the hardware and software components to have perfect communication.

This tutorial will analyze how to update the kernel in the Ubuntu and Mint distros easily.

This process will be achieved thanks to a tool called Ukuu which allows us to update the kernel in a simple and integrated way.

Step 1: Install Ukuu PPA Repository

The first step is to install the repository for the subsequent installation of the tool.

For this we will execute the following command:

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa

Step 2: Update Ubuntu & Linux Mint system

We proceed to update both systems using the command:

sudo apt update

This will update the list of resources.

Step 3: Install Ukuu on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

Once the system is updated, we proceed with the installation of Ukuu by executing the following command:

sudo apt-get install ukuu

Step 4: Run Ukuu on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

The next step is to run Ukuu, and for this, we will execute the following command:

sudo ukuu-gtk

The following window will be displayed:

In both cases we can see in the lower part the current version of Kernel and the one that is currently available.

We can click on the Settings button to access the configuration of the tool and there we will see how often new updates will be searched, how often, display messages with kernel less than 4.0, establish the time that the GRUB is visible, etc.:

Step 5: Install New Kernel in Ubuntu & Linux Mint

To update the kernel, simply select the most recent version in the Ukuu list and click on the Install button:

Step 6: Uninstall Ukuu in Ubuntu & Linux Mint

In the case that we want to uninstall the application we must execute the following command:

sudo apt-get purge ukuu

Ukuu becomes a practical tool to update the Ubuntu or Mint kernel in a simple and practical way.

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