15 Best Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor

WYSIWYG HTML Editor may be necessary on specific pages, particularly in forums and other communities where a large number of people share content, opinions and even ask for help from other members. If you want users to write content and have the ability to make necessary edits to their texts such as applying bold or underline words, then you need to include a WYSIWYG editor.

The term “WYSIWYG” comes from the English What You See Is What You Get that. In this way, these acronyms refer to editors who have a graphical interface, where users can see, in real time, the results of all the changes they make to their text.

In this article, I will show you some tools that you may find useful if you want to quickly include a free WYSIWYG HTML editor in some section of your website.

1. Aloha Editor

aloha editor free wysiwyg html editor

Aloha Editor is a library that has a functional API and offers the essential features of a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Users can copy Microsoft Word text and paste it into the editor without problems. Also, it is compatible with different browsers.

2. Froala Editor

froala editor

Froala Editor has a clean interface and only requires minimal programming knowledge so you can include it in your project. It has two theme styles: light and dark, which can be customized using LESS. It is also optimized for mobile.

It requires jQuery and FontAwesome, so be sure to include them in your HTML file if you decide to use Froala Editor.

3. Yellow Text

yellow text

Yellow Text is a plugin for light jQuery. It focuses on simplicity and therefore offers a clean graphics environment that presents only the necessary options for text editing. If it fits your project, you can install this plugin quickly (in just 3 steps) and get a free WYSIWYG HTML editor on your web.

4. Redactor II


Redactor is a text editor with a clean design to improve the user experience. It has “drag and drop” functionalities for images, so it facilitates the loading of images for users. Also, it can be extended thanks to plugins. It is a very popular free WYSIWYG HTML editor that is in constant development.

5. SCEditor

sceditor free wysiwyg html editor

SCEditor is a lightweight and powerful XHTML editor. It has advanced options such as creating tables and appointments, inserting emails, images and also using emoticons.

6. Content Tools

content tools

Content Tools is a lightweight free WYSIWYG HTML editor with a clean design. It has been designed to be easy to extend, so it has 5 libraries that can be used independently. It allows users to upload images and even the Undo / Redo function.

Content Tools doesn't use JavaScript, but it can be integrated with this language. On the download page, you can find a very different demo: the editor allows you to modify the elements that are on the page.

7. Trumbowyg


Trumbowyg is a light free WYSIWYG HTML editor. It is optimized for HTML5 and is compatible with popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. It is fully customizable, and you can extend its functions through plugins. It is an editor with a relatively simple design. It needs jQuery to work correctly.

8. Medium Editor

medium editor

Medium Editor uses the editor's toolbar as inspiration. The free WYSIWYG HTML editor has basic options and has a simple and modern style. It has a minimized form that moves immediately to the phrase we have selected, which is quite useful.

Medium Editor has been made entirely in JavaScript, without the need for another framework or additional tool.

9. TinyMCE


TinyMCE is a platform based on JavaScript and allows you to convert HTML text areas or other HTML elements. You can upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage services.

TinyMCE is an open source WYSIWYG HTML editor, it has support for several languages, you can link multimedia elements and even comes with a spell checker.

10. Bootstrap 3 WYSIWYG


Bootstrap 3 WYSIWYG is a JavaScript plugin that allows you to create a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor. It has templates for the toolbar, as well as themes that you can modify. It makes use of Twitter Bootstrap and WYSIHTML5.

11. Summernote


Summernote is another free WYSIWYG HTML editor based on Bootstrap. It has several themes that you can apply to the interface. It can be quickly integrated with other tools such as Django, Rails and Angular.

12. CKEditor


CKEditor is a complete WYSIWYG HTML editor that simplifies the creation of web content. Like many others mentioned previously, it has a toolbar to modify the text and allows the addition and alignment of images. It is compatible with Microsoft Word, so users can copy text from this program and paste it without problems in CKEditor.

13. jQuery Notebook

jquery notebook

JQuery Notebook is a plugin that allows you to create a text editor for web applications. It has a clean and straightforward design with basic editing options. Also, it has a minimized shape, and the default color used in the toolbar is black, so it looks more elegant than other editors.

14. Material Note

Material Note takes as a base Summernote but adds the favorite Material Design. As a result, we have a simple, clean and modern text editor. It has essential options of any text editor, allows the addition of images, links, and tables.

15. Easy Editor

easy editor

Easy Editor is another free WYSIWYG HTML editor that has a clean design. It allows you to add bold, italics, align paragraphs, add titles and appointments, you can also insert images and videos from YouTube.

A WYSIWYG HTML editor isn't necessary for all types of websites, but in the pages that do require it, it is an invaluable resource and a great help for users. All of them have necessary tools to modify the text that the user writes, but some have advanced features such as inserting links and videos, creating tables, etc. Depending on the type of publisher you are looking for, you can choose between one or the other.

In this list, I have included all kinds of tools, both free and paid. Most of the paid WYSIWYG HTML editor I have added to the list have free plans with basic options, so I invite you to try each editor and verify which one is most suitable for your project.

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Do you use another free WYSIWYG HTML editor on your web? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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  1. I am a newbie to Linux and have been searching for a simple HTML editor for a while.
    Use SeaMonkey composer under Windows and would like to use it under Linux also but gave upp the instalation process for this and other programs.
    Then I discoverd that LibreOffice Writer can do what I want and use it now.
    It was under my nose all the time

    1. True that!
      LibreOffice is often overlooked. It can even create/edit PDFs nicely.
      Even though I know the power of LibreOffice, the habit of googling everything has become so ingrained in us that one can’t see what’s under their noses as you rightly said! That’s why I landed on this page, saw your comment and got reminded of the humble LibreOffice for the nth time LOL!

  2. I use LibreOffice but noticed some of the tags like tags get rendered with the forward slash in the wrong place. instead of which is a little annoying. Also I have to do a search and replace if I want the bold ta to be instead of . Apart from that it’s pretty good.

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