How to Install Docker Container in Ubuntu

We show you how you can install, configure and use the Docker container for your applications from Ubuntu Linux.

What is Docker?

Docker has been developed focused on creating independence between applications, infrastructure, developers and IT operations with the aim of adding more potential to each task to be done and in the process create a model for better collaboration and innovation of all the team and procedures that are involved there.

Step 1: Update your Ubuntu System

To update all the packages of the operating system run the following lines:

apt update
apt upgrade

Step 2: Install Docker on Ubuntu

Once the operating system is updated, we will install Docker using the following command:

apt install -y

Once Docker has been installed, we will start it using the next line:

systemctl start Docker

Now, enable Docker to be launched at the boot of Ubuntu:

systemctl enable docker

If we want to know the version of Docker that has been installed, we will execute the following. There we find the version of both the client and the server.

docker version


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