How To Install & Use SpeedTest on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install and use Speedtest tool in Ubuntu 16.04 to know your internet network connection speed.

What is SpeedTest?

SpeedTest is an online tool that allows us to verify in real time the speed of our network connection to the internet , both uplink and downlink, with a destination server to perform this action.

We can go to the web to check its performance:

Because SpeedTest requires Adobe FlashPlayer, it is impossible to run it from the terminal in a normal way.

Install Python pip package

We are going to install Python pip packages in order to install SpeedTest-cli and execute it from the terminal.
For this we will enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install python-pip

Install SpeedTest-Cli

Once the pip packages are installed, we will execute the following command to install the SpeedTest client using pip:

sudo pip install speedtest-cli

Run SpeedTest on Ubuntu 16.04

Once we have everything correctly installed we will execute the following command to validate the speed of our network:


We can see that the SpeedTest tool executes the following processes:

  • Network latency
  • Communication speed in milliseconds
  • Download speed
  • Upload speed

How to install SpeedTest manually in Ubuntu 16.04

If we don't want to use the pip installer to run SpeedTest we can do the following, download the latest script of Python SpeedTest from the web by entering the following command:

sudo wget

Enable as executable by entering the following:

sudo chmod a+rx

Move the directory to the correct location:

sudo mv /usr/bin/speedtest-cli

In this way we can install SpeedTest manually.

Additional Settings to SpeedTest

Share the results obtained with SpeedTest we can use the following command:

speedtest-cli –share

To see the complete list of servers available worldwide on which we can use the evaluation we will use the following command:

speedtest-cli --list

Perform a speed test on a specific server we can use the following syntax:

speedtest-cli --server ID

For example we can do the test with the server 7513 for which we will enter:

speedtest-cli --server 7513

If we want to get help from SpeedTest we will enter:

speedtest-cli –help

We have seen this interesting tool that allows us to evaluate the state of our network and thus determine and rule out possible failures or connection speeds.

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