How To Know If Your Installed Linux is 32 Or 64 Bits

How you can know the version of your system if it is 32 or 64 bits in Linux.

The 32-bit architecture supports up to 4 GB of RAM while the 64-bit architecture supports up to 192 GB of RAM.

The 64-bit architecture works much more entirely, at the CPU level than a 32-bit architecture.

Check System Architecture in Terminal

The first method to use will be the terminal of Ubuntu 17, for it, we must merely access the console and execute the following command:


When running this command, we will see the following information:

We can see detailed information about the processor and focus our attention on the Architecture line where we have two options:

  • X86: 32-bit architecture
  • X86_64: 64-bit architecture

Check System Architecture From Graphical Interface in Ubuntu

The next option to use is the graphical interface of Ubuntu, for it, we go to System Settings:

Then go to Details, and in the OS type field you can see your Linux architecture:

We see that it is easy to know what is the version of the system and so take the necessary measures.

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