Pineapple Fund: Bitcoin at Service of Philanthropy

Today the KDE Community is more than happy; they received an impressive donation of $ 200,000.

With this money they will be able to cover a significant amount of expenses, including ” organizing events that unite the community; development sprints to improve the usability and performance of existing tools; pay expenses for employees traveling from faraway places; attract more collaborators and build a more inclusive community; create new and safer programs; and conduct research for future generations of KDE environments and applications, “they report in KDE News .

Of course, at KDE they are immensely grateful for this donation. “KDE is a vibrant community that has developed a series of incredible products like Plasma that empower the user's freedom,” says the donor, adding: “I especially admire the experience of use and design of KDE products, since which are accessible to new audiences who are not Linux geeks. I hope this donation can further boost the development of KDE! ” Everything seems to indicate that this will be the case.

However, the most exciting thing about this news is not the donation, yet remarkable, that it is, but where it comes from Pineapple Fund, a mysterious organization that emerged in the shadow of bitcoin's success. For what they explain on their website, there is someone behind who bet soon for cryptocurrency and won ” much more than I can spend.” And “what do you do when you have more money than you can spend? Donate most to charity[…] From clinical trials with psychedelics for PTSD to teaching children to read and write; Pineapple Fund tries to make bold and intelligent bets that will, with any luck, impact everyone in our world “.

It could be talk, if not for Pineapple Fund has already committed donations worth 86 million dollars in bitcoin. Without leaving the technology sector, we find several outstanding examples: one million dollars for Electronic Frontier Foundation and Apache Foundation, 250,000 dollars for OpenStreetMap and Let's Encrypt, 50,000 dollars for OpenBSD… And now the 200,000 dollars for KDE. Awesome.

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