How To Clean DNS Cache on Linux Systems

Solve DNS problems with these ways to fix it on Linux easily.

Daily we must be surfing the net to get different information, listen to music, watch movies, download files, among many other things and it is very annoying, and sometimes disappointing to see the following error message when we try to access a website.

We try to refresh and update the page, restart the modem, restart the computer , but the error persists, even other applications that use the network work correctly but the pages do not, what is the reason ?, simply the DNS is presenting failures.

What is DNS?

The DNS or Domain Name System is responsible for resolving domain names in the network, that is, converting IP addresses into network names, for example, it is much easier to say than saying This is the main task of DNS in our networks.

Next, we will see how we can clean the DNS cache in Linux.

How to Clean DNS Cache on Linux

Just enter the following command and press Enter :

/etc/init.d/nscd restart
Note: If we are not as root users we must prefix the word sudo

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