How To Run PlayStation Games in Linux

We explain step by step how to play PlayStation games with an emulator in Linux distros.

When we work with Linux distributions, we have many options thanks to free code and one of the best tools for this is PCSXR PlayStation and today we will see in detail how to use this handy utility to play any of the thousands of available PlayStation games.

What is PCSXR?

PCSX-Reloaded is a PlayStation emulator based on PCSX-df 1.9, with support for Windows, GNU / Linux and Mac OS X which gives us reliability of its compatibility.

Step 1: Install PCSXR Emulator

Now we will see how to install this emulator in the various Linux distributions.

For Debian we can execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install pcsxr

Fedora distributions we can execute the following:

sudo dnf install pcsxr

For Arch Linux we can run:

sudo pacman -S pcsxr


In the case of Ubuntu, the PCSXR Playstation emulator is distributed through the Universe repository.

This repository is enabled by default, but if not, or to check, go to “Software and Updates” and in the tab “Ubuntu Software” we validate that the box “Community-maintained free and open source software” is active:

Step 2: How To Use PCSXR

You can find the emulator searching for it by the name of PCSXR:

Once we access the emulator, we can go to the File menu and from there select the game entry; we can choose between ISO, EXE, etc. files:

When clicking on any of the available options, we must locate the respective game file.


Once selected click on “Open” to load the respective game to the emulator.



Step 3: Set BIOS of PCSXR

By default, PCSXR requires a PlayStation BIOS to emulate the games correctly.

The PCSXR software itself does not have the Sony BIOS files since we know very well it is an illegal task to distribute this type of data since it is within the so-called piracy. If we want to emulate PS1 games, it will be necessary to download the BIOS from the PS1 legal console.

For this task we go to the “Configuration” menu and there we select the option “Plugin & BIOS,” and the respective configuration window will be displayed:

Step 4: Set Controls on PCSXR

From the “Configuration / Controls” menu we will have the opportunity to add a gamepad for a better game experience, in the pop-up window it is enough to select the type of device to use:

Step 6: Save a Game in PCSXR

This PCSXR PlayStation emulator supports storing a game through saved states, thanks to this, you can allow a player to enter and exit the game without the need for the ROM to load everything manually.

For this, we must be out of full screen mode, and go to the “Emulator / Save state” route and there select a slot for storage:

So we have a simple and functional option to enjoy thousands of games.

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