How To Share Files Between Linux & Android with FTP

How to use FTP to be able to share files between Linux and Android safely and quickly.

Software requirements

To carry out this task we must have an FTP client and an FTP server. For this case we will use the following:

FTP Client (Linux): We will use FileZilla which can be downloaded executing the line

sudo apt install filezilla

FTP server (Android): For this case, we will use Primitive FTPd which we can download from the App Store.

With Primitive FTPd we will have a simple tool for file management through FTP.

Run Primitive FTPd on Android

Once installed the FTPd server we proceed to its execution and this will be its environment where we will see the following:

  • FTP server's IP address
  • Status of FTP and SFTP protocols
  • Username and password for FTP access
  • Key footprints in case of having them

In the upper part we find two options:

  • Start the FTP server by clicking the play icon ►
  • Access the FTP server configuration by clicking on the pinion icon

Manage FileZilla on Linux

Now we go to Ubuntu and access FileZilla and we have two options to access bad FTP server, these are:

Manual access

For this we must enter the IP address of the FTP server, port, user, and password at the top:

Once these steps are defined, click on Quick Connect.

Save the configuration

This option allows us to save all the access information to the FTP server and for this, we go to File/Site Manager in FileZilla and in the displayed window we click on the New site button and we will record the respective information.

Note: Remember that with each access to the FTP server the IP address will be modified so we must make the respective change if we choose this option.

Activate FTP server in Linux

Then we start the FTP server and we will see that the respective tracks MD5, SHA1, SHA256, etc. are created. In the same way we will see that the ports are in the operating state .

Now we can connect from Ubuntu with FileZilla and we will see that we have access to the Android directory:

As simple as that, we can transfer files between Android and other operating systems.

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