Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Installer Will Have “Minimal Install”

The Ubuntu 18.04 installer will have new functions. One of these functions is not only exciting, but it will be the solution for many expert or experienced users who need to customize the installation of Ubuntu without making use of third-party tools.

The installer of Ubuntu, Ubiquity, will allow a minimal installation of Ubuntu since Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, just by checking an option in the installation wizard of Ubuntu.

The option will appear in the “codecs and extras” screen, a typical screen that will come with this new option and that will allow the user to install a minimal Ubuntu system with his desktop, a web browser and some essential tools such as the editor & terminal.

The rest of the packages and programs can be installed manually and once the installation of Ubiquity finished. In total, we are talking about more than 80 packages that correspond to LibreOffice, Shotwell, Cheese, Thunderbird, Transmission or the example content, among others.

This option seems a nuisance for many users who want to have everything ready, but it's true that for advanced users or computers with few resources, this minimal installation of Ubuntu is appropriate and will help to save many troubles and problems.

The appearance of this option within Ubiquity will not mean the elimination of Ubuntu Mini, the installation ISO image created some time ago, and that serves for minimal installations or installations of Ubuntu on computers with few resources. This will only be another option within the Ubuntu graphical installer that will be an intermediate step, like other new functions, to the new Ubiquity, an installer that uses livefs montages.

So, it seems that the new Ubuntu 18.04 will be striking, in addition to making the latest software and desktop that Ubuntu 17.10 has.

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