Why An Online PDF Editor Is Better Than Using A Software

There is a growing trend of developers using the power of the internet to provide services without the need to download an app or software. It will be unmatched in terms of convenience when accessed via smartphone or tablet. The continuous growing demand for online-only services includes the use of PDF tools.

Let us see why most people should be using online pdf services compared to PC software:

1. Savings

Most online pdf services are for free. It doesn’t require users to pay anything while providing more editing features compared to using PC software. Users are lucky if they can download free software with full access, but most of the time it is not the case. In availing of the free service, using PDF editor software from unverified sources could include viruses, location tracking, and even access to personal computer files.

Trial versions can allow access after a few use or by limiting the features available. After which, they may require to pay full price for a license or activate other functions. Online PDF editors – like 2PDF.com – sometimes offer so much more without the need to pay anything.

2. Save on memory

Computers – most especially modern laptops – have smaller memory capacity compared to popular best-selling laptops ten years ago. Entry-level models could have a memory that is as low as 128 GB, and downloading PDF software can consume both the RAM and ROM of a computer. Before we get more technical, online PDF editors would only require users to upload, edit, and download the file. Users can delete cookies, cache, and downloaded files to save more space after using the service.

3. Security

In availing of the free service, using PDF editor software from unverified sources could include viruses, location tracking, and even access to computer files. It is better to use an online pdf editor that will delete uploaded and downloaded files before and after editing. Make sure that the online service is protected from access by third parties, just like how 2PDF does it.

4. Functionality

Not all online PDF editors are the same. Some may require membership to access premium features. One of the best online PDF editors available that offers free service is 2PDF. It has a built-in converter, merge and split pdf files, text recognition, compress, delete, rotate, and more services that do not require users to pay for any amount. More advanced features will be introduced shortly to give users who use PDF files more flexibility.

5. Access anywhere!

As long as there is online access and an internet browser, a lot of online PDF editors can be accessed virtually anywhere. This is a perfect tool to use when there is a sudden need to edit important documents. It will allow anyone to use the service on any device, compared to using software that can only be accessed to the device where it is downloaded.

Fast, easy, secure, and functional – are the best features that can be provided by an online PDF editor like 2PDF. Try it now and see it for yourself!

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