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Top 10 Dedicated Proxies in 2023

Do you want a personal proxy that you can use solely for yourself? Your Internet security may finally turn around as a result of this. What is the best-dedicated proxy provider in the market? Enter this page to learn more.

Overview of Top Dedicated Proxies

Internet enthusiasts! Are you eager to dive into the fascinating world of dedicated proxies? So, grab a seat because we've got some mind-blowing details on the top 10 dedicated proxies available. Your online experience would be great with these specialized proxies. Dedicated proxies, as opposed to shared proxies, act as a protective barrier between you and the Internet. They provide a private, unshared connection that offers the utmost privacy, security, and lightning-fast speed.

You can use them to unblock websites, access geo-blocked content, and enjoy hitch-free gaming and streaming experience. You can even make improvements to your digital marketing plans. Imagine having access to premium IP addresses from more than a dozen different nations, deceiving even the savviest web sniffers. Improve your online privacy by reading on. Below are the best private and dedicated datacenter proxy providers out there.

MyPrivateProxy — Overall Best Dedicated Proxy

MyPrivateProxy — Overall Best Dedicated Proxy

For a number of reasons, MyPrivateProxy is regarded as the market's best dedicated proxy overall. Let's start by discussing its amazing downloading speed. I tested the performance of this provider and recorded an average download speed of 79.82 Mbps and response time of 306 ms. This makes it one of the fastest private proxies on the list as only a few providers can match this speed performance. This fast speed allows you to easily access content without any delays or buffering problems.

No detail is overlooked by MyPrivateProxy when it comes to destinations. It boasts a wide variety of proxy servers in many different nations across the world. This includes the top spots in 16 major US cities and Europe. With this flexible coverage, you may quickly and easily access geo-specific information or browse websites that are prohibited by location. These proxies use username and password authentication for up to 10 IPs. Additionally, My Private Proxy enables up to 100 threads per proxy and supports a number of proxy protocols. Proxies are also changed following each billing. Additionally, it provides a thorough control panel for simple proxy management.

Pros & Cons of MyPrivateProxy

  • Incredible 8GB RAM server

  • Fast speed

  • Compatible with many use cases

  • 3-days refund policy

  • Friendly Dashboard

  • No SOCKS proxy protocols

  • No complete free trial

Proxy-Seller — Best Alternative to MyPrivateProxy

Proxy-Seller — Best Alternative To MyPrivateProxy

Another excellent place to go for a fantastic dedicated proxy is Proxy-Seller. It provides a variety of functions to meet all of your browsing requirements. Notably, it is well-liked for providing a flexible payment mechanism, you can easily select from a variety of payment methods, ensuring a hassle-free experience without sacrificing performance.

Additionally, Proxy-Seller offers swift download speed if your connection requires lightning-fast browsing. I recorded a download speed of 74.38 Mbps which makes it one of the best alternatives to MyPrivateProxy in terms of performance. With this, you can anticipate a top-notch browsing experience whether you're streaming videos, downloading big files, or doing anything else online.

The wide variety of locations offered by Proxy-Seller is another outstanding aspect. You may easily surf any website while hiding your real location thanks to proxy servers located in many different nations.

Additionally, Proxy-Seller supports a number of proxy protocols. This service provider offers support for HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. This adaptability comprises IPV4 and IPV6 proxies, which work with a variety of surfing systems and applications and let you browse the web as you like without any problems.

Pros & Cons of Proxy-Seller

  • Flexible payment option

  • High response and download speed

  • Large proxy pool

  • Wide Geographical coverage

  • Offers varieties of proxy protocols

  • Offers no free trial

  • Quite pricey

  • The speed of download does not conform with its claims

Bright Data — Dedicated Proxy with Large IP Pool

Bright Data — Dedicated Proxy With Large IP Pool

Unquestionably, Bright Data is a premier proxy supplier, dedicated proxies included. It arguably offers a remarkable array of features, one of which is a remarkably large and frequently updated proxy pool. Bright Data offers the best performance and dependability for its consumers thanks to the extensive IP pool at its disposal. Because of this, blocking rarely happens, especially when utilising a dedicated proxy. The outstanding downloading speed (71.95 Mbps) that comes with their proxies is another noteworthy aspect. The response time is also quite swift at 295 ms, making it one of the fastest too.

Bright Data has one of the broadest geographic coverages in the proxy industry. As a result, it enables users to collect data from various regions and access geo-restricted material easily.

Like Proxy-Seller, Bright Data is compatible with a number of proxy protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. thereby meeting the various needs of its users. Finally, you will benefit from an infinite session and bandwidth.

Pros & Cons of Bright Data

  • Large proxy pool

  • Reliability and good speed

  • Instant Access

  • Flexible tools and features

  • Quite pricey

  • Set-up can be quite complicated

Proxy-Sale — High-Speed Dedicated Proxy

Proxy-Sale — High-Speed Dedicated Proxy

Your best option for dedicated high-speed proxies is Proxy-Sale. It focuses on offering high-end dedicated proxies. Proxy-Sale ensures seamless browsing with a user-friendly interface and great performance by promising quick and dependable downloads. Proxy-Sale offers an amazing response time and downloading speed. While testing out the service, I recorded a download speed of 68.37 Mbps with a response time of 342 ms. They provide a super-fast connection by optimizing their servers and utilizing high-end technology.

You're covered in terms of locations with Proxy-Sale. They offer a vast global network of proxy servers dispersed across several continents and nations. If you require a proxy in the US, Europe, or Asia, Proxy-Sale offers a variety of locations to suit your particular requirements. This extensive coverage guarantees that you have many alternatives for effectively routing your internet traffic.

Proxy-Sale provides a variety of proxy protocols, so you may pick the one that best satisfies your needs. To guarantee compatibility with any software or application you may be using, they provide a wide range of protocols. All of these advantages are reasonably priced.

Pros & Cons of Proxy-Sale

  • High speed

  • Good customer support

  • Competitive pricing plan

  • Good location support

  • No IP Authentication

  • A few features on the dashboard

Proxy-IPV4 — Dedicated Proxy with Good Location Coverage

Proxy-IPV4 — Dedicated Proxy With Good Location Coverage

As a Dedicated Proxy, Proxy-IPv4 offers a number of crucial functions. Users are given a particular IPv4 address, guaranteeing exclusive and exclusive access. Proxy-IPv4 normally provides a wide range of geographic areas around the world in terms of geographical coverage. But it also provides IPV6 proxies. You can select from a variety of locales, which is essential for web scraping, geo-targeting, and accessing material that is only available in certain regions.

Proxy-IPv4 often offers a user-friendly interface for choosing your preferred location in terms of downloading sites and proxy protocols. Frequently accepted proxy protocols include HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. This adaptability meets a variety of user needs. Another crucial element of Proxy-IPv4 is speed. These proxies are made for quick browsing and effective data retrieval.

Pros & Cons of Proxy-IPv4

  • Good location support

  • Affordable

  • Acceptable speed

  • High compatibility with different platforms

  • No free trial

  • Bad refund policy

Spaceproxy — Best Dedicated Proxy for Any Site

Spaceproxy — Best Dedicated Proxy For Any Site is arguably one of the best proxy providers on top of their game. Looking at what it can offer, its proxies are of maximum speed suitable for any site.  Be it social platforms, streaming sites, eCommerce platforms, dating sites, online games, or banking sites among others, this provider is a choice to rely on. The dedicated proxy is IPv4 compatible coupled with HTTP and SOCKS5 protocol.

With its interesting location coverage, the proxies can be used in many countries including the US, UK, Canada, and even across Asia, Germany, Africa, Spain, and Arab countries. Unlike some providers that will take a few seconds to refill after purchase, proxy delivery is instant using Spaceproxy. Though less pricey by customers' recommendations, the fact that it has no trial period is a turn-off to some users. The refund policy is weak. One thing you will come to like about this service though, is its flexible rental period which allows you to purchase proxies from 5 days to up to a year.

Pros & Cons of Spaceproxy

  • Suitable for all popular sites

  • Stable and secured

  • High speed and latency

  • All payment types

  • Instant proxy delivery

  • No free trial

  • Refund Policy or proxy exchange is within 48 hours of purchase

Proxyline — Best Alternative for

Proxyline — Best Alternative For Spaceproxy.Net just like Spaceproxy has a lot in common. In fact, by merely looking at their interface, one can tell they share similarities. Though there is some uniqueness, as an alternative to Spaceproxy, Proxyline is the right choice. This provider has an average download speed of 47.94 Mbps with an average response time of 497 ms. This is still considered fast as far as proxies are concerned.

The proxy is issued automatically after payment and its usage is also instant. Interestingly, in terms of protocol, the provider automatically comes in two protocol formats, HTTP and SOCKS5. Since it is a dedicated proxy, it’s often individual and anonymous to one person. Moreso, likened to Spaceproxy, an IP pool can be rented for a period of 5 days to 360 days, and you can buy as low as one IP. Note that, the more IP pool you buy the lower the price and it cuts across several countries without any censorship or geo-restriction.

Pros & Cons of Proxyline

  • Reliable

  • High speed

  • Proxies are activated immediately after payment

  • No free trial, you have to pay to test-run the proxy

  • Refund is within 24 hours after purchase

Proxy6 — Best Dedicated Proxy Suitable for Sites with IPv6 Support

Proxy6 — Best Dedicated Proxy Suitable For Sites With IPv6 Support unlike other dedicated proxies that are IPv4 driven has good support for IPv6 sites. Proxies here are provided on one hand to individuals and not for public use. Meaning that you are the only one using the IP addresses you purchased. In terms of speed, this provider can be said to be average. This is because I recorded a download of 33.58 Mbps and a response time of 738 ms. compared to the performance data on my watch list, this is quite average.

Unlike which has 5 5-day rental period, Proxy6 is 3 days. It has suitable support for HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocol and authentication is by login and password. What’s more, is that this provider's dedicated proxies are for both IPv4 and IPv6. The IPv6 is suitable for sites with IPv6 support while the IPv4 is suitable for all sites. Accessing by location, the proxies cover quite interesting countries including the USA, UK, Russia, and Asia. The dedicated proxies are either by 1 IP for 3 days costing $0.06 or 1 IP address for $1.77.

Pros & Cons of Proxy6

  • Good speed

  • Fast and stable

  • Fast technical support

  • Fully automated

  • Authorization by username and password

  • Bad refund policy

  • No free trial

Astroproxy — Best Dedicated Proxy with High IP Scores

Astroproxy — Best Dedicated Proxy With High IP Scores is one reputable provider of dedicated proxies. This provider specifically calls their proxies “smart proxies”. This is because they know they have an algorithm for checking and test-running their IP addresses before registering them with a proxy server. Compared to proxy6 which rents out its proxies, Astroproxy gives access to an entire IP pool once payment has been confirmed. The good that comes with their dedicated proxy is that it has the most preferred offer. They have 99.9% uptime; the proxies' IP addresses are from real mobile IT users. This in turn is why they are highly trusted by websites, social platforms, and even search engines. Additionally, whenever there is a technical issue, the providers compensate the users for downtime.

Although these providers are dynamic in rendering their service, their support rate is not 24/7, as it depends on the workload of their support team. With just $2 a trial period can be activated. Essentially, likened to other competitors, what you pay using Astroproxy is for port and traffic, you do not pay for access to the IP pool. As such, you can change your IP address every time you connect. Proxies are by port, with $0.3 per port.

Pros & Cons of Astroproxy

  • Good uptime

  • Checking and test running of IP address

  • IP addresses are from real mobile IT users

  • No 24/7 technical support

  • No large location coverage

Youproxy — Best Cost Effective Dedicated Proxy with Uninterrupted Network

Youproxy — Best Cost Effective Dedicated Proxy With Uninterrupted Network is one provider that has been recommended to work well. According to reviews from users, the proxies are fast, and affordable with an uninterrupted network. Likened to Astroproxy, IP addresses do not change while using them unless upon request. Considering that the proxies they provide are exclusively individual, they do not give a free trial, and their refund policy is based on technical and also just for 24 hours. Also, proxy delivery time is just a few minutes after payment is made.

Once issued, IP addresses are available both in your account and are duplicated to the email address specified in the order placed. Unlike others, the cities, countries, and regions of coverage have to be confirmed through their technical support services before purchasing a proxy. This is to avoid any inconvenience and also to enable their operator to clarify the country is on the current list. Payment for proxies is through several channels including Bitcoin and Litecoin. They offer both IPv6, IPv4, and mobile IP addresses with support for HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.

Pros & Cons of Youproxy

  • Pocket friendly

  • Uninterrupted network

  • Good support team

  • Bad refund policy

  • No free trial


Q. What is a Dedicated Proxy?

A dedicated proxy is a proxy that is exclusively used by a single user or device and nobody else. Users choose dedicated proxies when they need to keep the same IP address for a longer time and change it upon request. Sometimes they are also called private proxies. It is a paid proxy that can only be used by you and no one else within the rented or purchased period. These type of proxies are stable, secured, and comes with high speed. It can be used across several sites and social networks.

Q. What are the Best Dedicated Proxy Providers?

The providers listed and discussed above are the 10 best-dedicated proxies. Although there are still other providers out there, the ones listed here have been proven with recommendable customer reviews to have worked. Since dedicated proxies are from a data center, it is said to be the fastest proxy if you want a proxy with individuality that will be used by only you. Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing or renting a dedicated proxy, choose from any of these providers, and log in to their sites to see more insights, more reviews, and more information. The provider you outsource is very important considering proxy uptime, bandwidth, and entire service functionalities.

Q. How Much Does Dedicated Proxy Cost?

The cost of a dedicated proxy is often down on the number of IP locations, the provider, and how much you decide to buy. The number per IP port can start from as low as $0.3 or $0.6. What you should know is that the more IPs you buy or rent the cheaper the money you will spend. A dedicated proxy is usually not seen to be that expensive to those using it because they know what they are using, the bandwidth level, and the uninterrupted network service. If you need to have control and not share bandwidth with anyone in terms of what you access and what not to access, then, what you will spend is surely going to be more compared to shared proxies.


Dedicated proxies are proxies with good IP pools that have been recommended to work well. Since they are from data centers, they are known to be fast, stable, and secure. As a result, the proxy IPs are purchased concerning the task you want to perform. In this article, we have outlined the discussed the top 10 dedicated, although these are not all, the ones that made it to this list have been tested and proven to work well. Do not hesitate to any of these providers, as they have good credibility in terms of their proxy services.

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