Easy Resize Images with Right-Click Context Menu on Linux

We have several Nautilus Plugins that can help us get the most out of it and one of these is called Image Manipulator which will give us the possibility to rotate or change the size of the images by just right-clicking on any image and there select the option to rotate or resize the image.

For this tutorial, we will use Ubuntu 16.04, but you can use this on any distro that has a Nautilus installed.

Check the Nautilus Version of Ubuntu

1. Verify if your environment is using Nautilus, for this, execute the following command:

nautilus -version

2. In addition to this verification, it will be necessary to use ImageMagick because this add-on is responsible for the manipulation of images in Linux, it is possible that we already have it installed by default, to install it use this command:

sudo apt install imagemagick

Install Image Converter on Ubuntu

1. Install the plugin with the following command:

sudo apt install nautilus-image-converter

2. Once the installation process finished, restart Nautilus using the following command:

nautilus -q

Resize Images with Image Converter

1. Now we can start the process of resizing our images in Linux, for this, just right click on the image to edit and select the option “Resize images…”:

2. Now, we can set:

  • Set the new size of the image where we will have options such as 128×128, 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768 or 1280×960.
  • Set the scale of the image using the slide bar.
  • Set a custom size for the selected image.
  • Append an extension that identifies the edited image.

3. To finish, Press the “Resize” button.

With this useful complement, it will be possible to adjust any image on Linux in a simple way.

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