Elementary 5.0 “Juno” will be based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

There are many official flavors within Ubuntu, but there are also many distributions that use Ubuntu as the basis of their operating system. One of these distributions, Elementary OS, recently announced that Elementary 5.0 “Juno” would be based on the next big version of Ubuntu, namely Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Elementary OS is a distribution that is based on Ubuntu and that seeks to offer the same aesthetics and functionality as macOS, the operating system so characteristic of Apple and its computers. But all this seasoned with Free Software.

The next version of Elementary OS will not follow the usual numbering but will not change for the user who already uses it, since from Elementary 0.4 they will go to Elementary 5.0. If you will notice changes when you have the new version installed because you expect significant changes and developments that Elementary OS does not currently have since Ubuntu 18.04 will have considerable changes compared to the version used in Elementary OS 0.4.

With the new base, we also have an approximation to the launch date. It will not be before April 26 when we can have this new version of Elementary OSMoreover, the project leader,  Cassidy James Blaede, has indicated that there will be no development calendar or deadline. When it comes out, it will come out. That is, users will receive this new version, but there will be no approximate launch date. Of course, there will be a beta that will be announced along with the next news of Elementary 5.0 “Juno.”

It is positive to know that many projects continue to use Ubuntu as a base since the latest news related to the distribution did not predict a perfect continuity, but having passed this means that the distribution is in excellent health and entirely future. Also for Elementary 5.0 “Juno,” a future that will bring pleasant surprises to its users.

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