Nintendo Switch Already Runs Linux Thanks To Hackers

A few months ago the new Video Game Console, Nintendo Switch, came onto the market. A console that revolutionized the gaming market thanks to its game modes… and its software. The Nintendo Console has been hacked and thanks to an exploit of the operating system, we can say that Nintendo Switch is capable of running Gnu/Linux.

The group of hackers in charge of this task is FailOverflow, a group of hackers who have already managed to hack other video game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 4 among others. And it has also created an installation system that will face future updates from Nintendo to its software.

Apparently, the exploit is hard to patch and for now will make it possible to install Linux on Nintendo Switch, despite the Nintendo updates since the hole is difficult to remove with an update. But, the negative part is that it will not be easy for the end users to do this process.

Among other things, FailOverflow hasn't yet released the update guide, and the images show cables that could indicate a dangerous and challenging process for end users.

Many hackers and media presume that FailOverflow has achieved the results thanks to Photoshop and the manipulation of images.

This theory, although famous is also hard to believe because on the one hand isn't the first video game that the group pirates and on the other side, Nintendo has left several bugs on their consoles that allow installing Linux, as is the case of Nintendo Mini Classic or Nintendo Wii. So it's easy to believe that the Nintendo Switch has been hacked.

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