How To Get the IP Address of a Website on Linux

How to know the IP address of a web page on Linux.

The IP address is the network identifier that allows each device to access the network and authenticate itself correctly.

In various situations, whether due to security or administrative issues, we must know the IP address of a specific website to allow or not to access it or just to carry a particular control of navigation.

Get the IP address of a Website on Linux

Linux, like other operating systems, offers several options to know the IP address of a website.

Get IP using the dig parameter

Dig (domain information groper) is a tool that allows us to consult DNS name servers for all tasks related to DNS search. The syntax for obtaining an IP address using dig is as follows:

dig +short (website)
dig +short

Get IP utilizing the host parameter

Host allows us to get complete information about the indicated website with details such as IP address, inverse zones, etc. For its use we execute the following:


Get IP using the ping parameter

Like other operating systems, ping is the alternative to obtain information about the network aspects of a website. In this case, just execute the following:


In this way, we have seen the various options available to obtain the IP address of most current operating systems.

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