How to Install R Studio on Linux in Easy Steps

How to Install R Studio on Linux

How to Install R Studio on Linux in 4 Easy Steps
How to Install R Studio on Linux – 4 Easy Steps

R is a statistical computing and graphics programming language and software environment developed by the R Foundation. R is a software package that includes tools for data processing, computation, and graphical presentation. R programming language is frequently used by statisticians, data scientists and data miners to create statistical tools and do data analysis. R is is the implementation of S programming language.

Installing R studio is a very simple and straight forward process. Just follow the steps and R Studio will be installed on your Linux distribution and ready for use in no time.

Installation Requirements

  1. At least 1 GB of RAM (Preferably more for bigger projects)
  2. 2 Core CPU
  3. 200 GB Disk Storage
  4. 2 GB RAM
  5. SUDO Privileges

Note: R Studio Installation Requirements Vary Based on R Studio Version and the Size of the Projects that you intend to work on.

R Studio Installation Steps

  1. Install R Base Core for Linux
    sudo apt-install r-base-core

    R Base Core - Installing R Studio

  2. Select your Linux Distribution and Download the latest version of R Studio

    Downloading R Studio

  3. Select the Downloads Folder
    cd Downloads

    Access downloads folder - Installing R Studio

  4. Install R Studio Using the Following Command
    sudo apt install .rstudio-2022.07.2-576-amd64.deb

    Installing R Studio Commands
    Note that the Installation File Name Varies - It's better to Copy And Paste R Studio Installation File Name

  5. Installation Complete. To open R Studio Simply Click on R Studio Icon to Launch the Program.

Installing and Learning R programming is quite simple actually, yet many students say that doing R Statistics Assignments is time consuming. The best solution for that is to get R Statistics Homework Help which does in fact save time and effort, giving you the freedom to study and focus on the tasks that actually matters.

R has many libraries such as ggplot2 and plotly, which provide users with visually appealing graphical plots. R is most known for its striking visuals, which makes it better than other Data Statistics Software for the majority of Data Scientists. Keep in mind that, R is maintained by a large community that maintains and updates R. If you have any problems with the code in R, you may seek help from the community.

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