Nintendo Switch Now Runs A Linux Graphical Desktop

After getting a Linux distribution running successfully on a Nintendo Switch, fail0verflow returns with a new video with even more substance.

The hackers now are running successfully a Linux Graphical Desktop.

It's an incredible breakthrough that demonstrates the incredible potential that hides the console, also showing that the group of hackers is serious about the issue. 

It works so well that they even dare to run an OpenGL demo at a perfect 60 fps, however, for now, they show nothing about compatibility with the JoyCons, something that could take a while.

Anyway, the work that is doing fail0verflow is impressive, although it may not be directed in its entirety to the homebrew.

Given its complexity, the ideal would be that future home applications run natively on the console, and not through Linux, although we should not underestimate the potential of this hack, being more patient to see what can come to surprise us.

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